About Us


What We Do

Cooling Engineering Group Inc.  is a Fully Insured and Certified Mechanical Contracting company in the field of HVAC & R business. Our services include air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation services from designing of projects to products supplying, during the design, installation, testing, manufacturing, comissoning and after sales maintenance services. Our team of professionals has an outstanding technical level that reaches a combined level of expertise  that surpasses 100 years in all the different engineering specialties related with HVAC & R.


Quality Policy


Cooling Engineering Group Inc. Quality Policy is based on:


  • Providing High Quality Services.
  • Excellence.
  • Improving day by day the efficiency and effectiveness of our services processes.
  • Providing  competitive prices.
  • Immediate response to our customers requests.


Main Business Activities



Our action radio includes all services in HVAC & R area such as Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Ventilation, Walk in cooler, Walk in freezer, Water Chiller, Heat pump and pumping, Ammonia plants among others, covering the following activities: 





Large commercial and industrial chiller plants, air handling units, water sourced heat pumps, fan coil units, pumps, commercial and residential packaged and split units.


Cooling Towers

Sizing, selection, and installation of commercial and industrial applications.


Air Distribution

Ventilation, contaminants control, pneumatic transportation, fabric or metal ducts, diffusers, and grilles.



Air Extraction

Commercial and industrial exhaust fan applications




Energy Recovery

Desuperheaters plate heat exchangers, enthalpy wheels and solar panels.


Industrial Refrigeration

Ammonia systems, cold storages and freezer rooms.



Commercial Refrigeration

Food and beverage display and storage, restaurant and supermarket equipment.




Projects Specialization

Cooling Engineering Group Inc. Specializes in the following types of construction projects:


Apartments and Condominiums

Fitness Centers

Auto Dealership/Service

Grocery Stores


Hospitals/Nursing Homes



Club House/Community Centers


Data Centers– Mission Critical

Manufacturing Plants

Design Build

Medical Offices

Office Building



Single Families Residential

Retail Stores

Storages Facilities/Warehouses