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Commercial and Residential HVAC System Services

Cooling Engineering Group Inc. design  Ventilation, Air Conditioning  and Cooling Systems, complying with the specifications and requirements of our customers, ensuring their fully needs and expectations. We are always commited to be day by day more efficients and improving continuosly our processes.

Cooling Engineering Group, Inc. performs the installation of our products with the highest professionalism, complying the requirements of our design projects and ensuring all testing to corroborate the effectiveness of our working methods, commited to achieving optimal results. 

When you are looking for the best name in the AC renovation system, count on Cooling Engineering Group, Inc team is the best choice.We are not only limited with the implementation of new designs in our business, Cooling Engineering Group Inc. is  able to renew designs made by other vendors, using advanced technologies to get translating  our customers needs and convert them in full satisfaction.



To extend the useful life of your ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeretion systems, Cooling Engineering Group Inc is the best alternative in terms of maintenance an repairs. We are committed to providing the best prices, fastest service and best quality. We also offer after-sales maintenance services,  thinking every day how to pleasing  our customers who are our reason to exist.



Planning our work is the first stage of our continuous improvement cycle: Plan, Do, Check, Act. Cooling Engineering Group Inc. sets out the objectives and processes necessary to get results according to the customer requirements and the policies of our company, implements processes and takes actions to  improve them.

Our Quality Approach

Principles we are following

Customer Focus
  • ->Identify and understand customer needs and expectations.
  • ->Communicate these needs and expectations internally.
  • ->Measure customer satisfaction and act on results


Continual Improvement
  • ->Main objective of our company is always do better.
  • ->Focus on prevention.
  • ->Train staff in methods and tools to identify opportunities for improvement.


Involvement of people
  • ->Staff accepts accountability and participates in problem solving.
  • ->Staff is proud of its work and deserves recognition


Mutually beneficial supplier relationships
  • ->Pooling expertise and resources with partners to create value.
  • ->Develop and improve together projects and processes.
  • ->Recognize the merits of suppliers.


Some of our projects